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CV Central - 5/4/2020 - "Transmissibility, Mutations, and Immune Enhancement"

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CV Central - 5/4/2020 - "Transmissibility, Mutations, and Immune Enhancement"

In Episode 61, we begin a two-part review of some breaking research that reveals that Covid is confirmed to be mutating in ways to make it more infective using both mutations and recombination.  Distressingly, it looks like modifications to the spike protein suggest that immune suppression and enhancement are possibilities for what we might expect in a second wave.  Where everyone will be looking for the number of people who have had cases and who have antibodies as a sign of safety, emerging evidence suggests this might be precisely the opposite as the development of an antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or other immune dysfunction means Covid may have the capacity to weaponize our immune system against us.  Tomorrow, we build upon the new mutation research and the strange failures and dangerous research to show the evidence of how the second wave might have already quietly begun as we march openly into Covid's arms.

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Evidence that mutations are occuring that increase infectivity, confirm recombination AND mutation, and suggests immune suppression via enhancement:

D614G mutation spreading widely to make Covid more transmissible:

Wuhan was researching how to adapt vaccines for SARS to monkeys and kept having problems with ADE:

Study on how SARS vaccine research was hampered by immune response issues leading to worse outcomes:

Mutations will make development of vaccine more difficult and dangerous with scientists split on immune enhancement fears:

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