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CV Central - 5/5/2020 - "Evidence of Covid as an Autoimmune Disease"

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CV Central - 5/5/2020 - "Evidence of Covid as an Autoimmune Disease"

Episode 62 is the second part of our biological update where amidst projections of a worsening sickness and death rate, we look deep into the science.  We look at why D614G is proliferating and what it is doing to make Covid more adaptable, and look at one study from Georgia and another from Germany which independently confirm dysgenic immune response is the most reliable predictor for severity.  In short, Covid's worst cases are the ones where it learns to use our antibodies against us, presaging dangers for vaccine production and a second wave with a mutating disease that could be truly terrifying in scope.

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Latest statistics:
Case sources:
Covid-19 news:

FEMA presentation suggests death toll may double by August in downward revision contested by administration:

Analysis of major emerging mutations from a functional perspective:

The same immunological reaction observed in Lupus occurs in B cells indicating co-opting of the immune system to cause most severe cases:

The presence of autoantibodies (antibodies turned against the host) in the lungs show immune dysfunction leads to organ failure in most severe cases of Covid:

Real possibility no vaccine coming:

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