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CV Central - 5/6/2020 - "The Lukewarm War: Global Finance and the Fate of Nations"

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CV Central - 5/6/2020 - "The Lukewarm War: Global Finance and the Fate of Nations"

For the 63rd Episode, we begin a two part look at finance, the economy, and the response to Covid by looking at the highest level.  This challenging episode will help you rethink how money works, share why America and other countries have a strange response, and explore the relationship between funding, loans, taxation and control.  Most importantly, you'll have the context to predict and understand what might come ahead in a time of pandemic, falling oil prices, low consumption, unsustainable debt, and the question of who pays for what.  The world is changing, and understanding what really happens is key to your ongoing survival.

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Covid-19 news:

Peak Prosperity's compelling argument for Covid being artificially enhanced at a minimum:

The future of the Fed may be negative interest with perils ahead:

Why do we pay so much in taxes when some print money for free:

The rising demand for de-dollarization of the world:

Fed now buying medium size companies while getting paid back, especially in energy, while Treasury handles smaller firms at higher risk with no return:

Details of misleading "Main Street" Fed loan program whereby the central bank continues buying more:

Nine states now funding unemployment with Federal loans:

50 million Americans lose credit as cards cut limits without warning:

Understanding the geopolitics of what falling oil and gold mean - an attack on the US dollar:

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