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CV Central - 5/8/2020 - "The World Revealing Itself in New Realities"

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CV Central - 5/8/2020 - "The World Revealing Itself in New Realities"

We close this week with our 65th Episode and see the world showing how things really work as opposed to the false delusions.  Russian oligarchs try to stop viral spread to stay afloat while Mexico struggles to keep up with the body county, Brazil's political crisis worsens, and in Africa, a slow, steady and painful burn is forecast.  We try to understand why things seem to be picking up again with hints about reinfection, sexual transmission, long lasting samples in lungs, all amidst the backdrop of an evolving pathogen, a collapsing global economy, and acrimonious competition between America and China.

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Covid-19 news:

Russian oligarchs stepping in as state falters to address social need:

Brazil risks economic collapse as the pandemic worsens:

Crematoria working nonstop now in Mexico City as situation becomes desperate:

WHO fears Covid will smoulder in Africa for years as lack of testing and resources conceal extent of contagion:

Chinese think tank leak tells CCP leadership to be prepared for possible war with the United States:

More reports of Chinese reactivation of Covid:

First findings of coronavirus in semen:

Deep lung viral samples found intact in patient who tested negative thrice:

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