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CV Central - 6/10/2020 - "The Axis of Geopolitics and Ideology in a Hyperpower"

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CV Central - 6/10/2020 - "The Axis of Geopolitics and Ideology in a Hyperpower"

Episode 81 explores an interesting premise.  When one power so dominates the world as America has done since the end of the Cold War, what happens when it becomes proxy for global conflicts between peoples, powers, and principles, that its own domestic sphere becomes the battlefield for a larger international contest?  We go big to understand small, looking at China, Asia, and the shifting arrangements.  Post-Covid world has nations making goods at home, so China, most impacted is absorbing Hong Kong, threatening Taiwan, invading India, and developing Pakistan as it courts Russia.  India arises in opposition making friendly with Australia as Japan hesitates.  Korea is further destabilized.  And the American military wanting to stay outwardly focused on the military war for which it is designed, has to glance uncertainly backwards toward the cultural war which everyone seems to comment upon back home, making no one happy and maintaining its own legitimacy in a land where no one else has such.  Strange days in the time of revolution and pandemic as we look at the world as it is as these contradictions barrel toward resolution.

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North Korea cuts off communication with South Korea:

Chinese spy agency operating openly against dissidents in Hong Kong:

American destroyer transits Strait of Taiwan:

Taiwanese fighter jets confront Chinese counterparts as American transports pass through their airspace:

Lessons from the miliitary forces used in the Arab Spring demonstrations:

China-India conflict rising quickly:

Update from Chinese incursion and creation of fortified emplacements within disputed Indian territory:

China working toward having military port in Pakistan near Iranian border:

Australia gets closer to India amidst Chinese provocation and American uncertainty:

Japan pivots between America and China:

Russia remains in the Chinese orbit with strategic ambiguity:

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