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CV Central - 6/16/2020 - "Chinese Takeout and the Golden Dollar"

Coronavirus Central
CV Central - 6/16/2020 - "Chinese Takeout and the Golden Dollar"

Episode 84 looks at the scene around the world to follow up on two trends predicted by this show.  Firstly, we see hints of a major new outbreak happening in Beijing and begin questioning what is happening in China as border clashes with India leave three dead with more injured as 54 scientists are discovered by the NIH to be on their payroll.  North Korea also literally blew up their connection to the South.  So we ask how that fits into the American chaos, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the emerging polarities, concluding China and America both have an economic problem. Can China keep stability if it cannot export and deliver growth within its authoritarian system?  Can America afford the debts it is running up, and placing on the backs of our people as the Fed guarantees even deeper investment into corporate bonds causing more disparity to emerge?  More questions than answers are out there as we see the asymmetric war of unknown parameters continue to evolve with the dollar as one clear target.

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Major restrictions accompany new Chinese coronavirus outbreak:

54 scientists fired for taking improper Chinese money in US:

Three dead after brutal border clash between India and China:

North Korea belligerence continues to accelerate:

Comparison of American and Chinese capacities as struggle advances:

New US investment bank to counter China geostrategically:

The Fed is now buying even more corporate bonds:

Powell's action will lead to bubbles in price value:

The debt in America is scaring off foreign investment:

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