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CV Central - 6/24/2020 - "A Matter of Trust"

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CV Central - 6/24/2020 - "A Matter of Trust"

In this eighty-sixth episode, the question becomes who do you trust?  We see rising numbers throughout the south and west as Texas, California, and Florida lead the way with many new cases, expected after their reopening.  But as we ask what sources are there to guide our search, we share how the CDC lied about masks, the Lancet and New England Journal used fake data, and how Chinese lab reports are compromised.  So we're forced to look beyond at bigger agendas, and as we see the racial resentment machine ratcheted up to unsustainable levels.  Statues fall, but do we question the right institutions who set us against one another?  This episode closes with an in-depth profile from Seattle, a sad harbinger of a likely future inevitable by our continuing failure to come together.

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Virus spread accelerating leading to cancel of openings:

Texas Governor Abbot tells Texans to stay home unless necessary as cases spike:

Fauci admits to lying about masks as government policy:

Lancet and New England Journal used false data for conclusions:

China destroyed evidence of virus:

Kentucky Governor promises to help some but not others with health care in racially determined support:

Minorities exempted from face mask order in Oregon:

The absurdity of statue destruction:

A descent into terror in Seattle:

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