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CV Central - 6/5/2020 - "A Tale of Two Nations"

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CV Central - 6/5/2020 - "A Tale of Two Nations"

To celebrate our return to timely posting to podcast land, a special extended episode to include 78 and 79 is shared here as a story of two nations.  It was the time of protests; the time of riots, the revolution for the people, the threat of incipient anarchy; the government would kill us, the government will save us, the good guys seizing power from the bad, the bad guys trying to steal power from the good, and amidst this all, a Dickensian struggle to paint the narrative in a way that makes it less possible each day for Americans to talk to one another.  We look at both sides that are out there in the evolving social unrest, the players funding behind the game and their motives, and ask a question about what narrative will win out as America reimagines itself and burns away the old to find what, I wonder, as the new.

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British Intel Chief assesses that Covid likely manmade:

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Are we on the brink of revolution?

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Fears the unrest will be brought to the rural areas:

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A future without police envisioned in cities with lawlessness:

Chicago Mayor pleads for Walmart not to leave after riots and looting:

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