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CV Central - 6/8/2020 - "Blacked Out: The Risks No Longer Mentioned"

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CV Central - 6/8/2020 - "Blacked Out: The Risks No Longer Mentioned"

Our eightieth episode looks at the two pressing issues of our time in concert:  The ongoing though too readily ignored coronavirus pandemic and the mass demonstrations, seeking to connect the two.  It starts with a compelling piece from the people who run the Doomsday Clock about the probability Covid is man-made, bolstered by research from Norway and England that is quietly being released while attention is elsewhere.  Against that, we see America diving once more into the mess, as Minneapolis agrees to disband the police and we wonder what that will do to both minority wealth and safety and public health.  Multiple studies show blacks specifically have more health risk from Covid, yet the media and money keep pushing the protests harder, calling the very act of opposing them the dreaded canard of white supremacy.  What we find, however, is quite different:  From economic status, to safety, to free speech, to health, these demonstrations against a single act of police brutality that go against the trend toward better relations as demonstrated by statistics, show that ultimately one must question just how and why this animus is being used, and over this week we're going to start asking more clearly by whom.

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Likelihood of Covid being man-made:

Efficacy against human receptors suggests lab made optimization:

America got bored with the pandemic:

Minneapolis Council plans to abolish police:

UK: Blacks four times more likely to die from Covid:

Black Floridians twice as likely to have Covid:

Health professionals subjugate public heath to political correctness by covering for protests:

Big corporate money funding protests for impoverished communities:

Black activist shut down for fundraising support for destroyed black business for questioning Floyd's character:

Evidence that institutional crime by police against blacks has been falling for years:

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